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I would like to take this opportunity to give you some information about Tricia, hence the about page. Tricia has been in the photography field for over  2 decade’s  on both sides of  the camera, with the last nine years spent focused as a photographer. Tricia spent her early years growing up around animals which have a special place in her heart. She understands how they feel, act and also react in most situations. Tricia is an idealist type of person, when she has an idea she follows through with it, to her ideas are new opportunities to explore and enjoy. Tricia has an eye for architecture, art and composition, with her many talents she can construct a studio to photograph in and decorate the studio in all aspects from painting to the final atmospheric touches, she is Mike Holmes and Martha Stewart combined. Tricia has a positive solution to fix any problem, in life or in front of the camera, as with her years in front of the camera she understands how to make her subject look their best and capture this perfect moment. Tricia wants the best for her clients she takes the time to prepare, from the initial meeting to the editing of the final prints and everything in between. Every step of the process is important to her for the final product for you.


Note: The precious little Dog in my arms was a rescue he had two very bad hind legs, until the money was saved, it took 6 months and $6000.00 to fix them, after that he was a whole new dogged…he was a little racer…could not stop him from running ANYWHERE and just a short while ago after 4 spectacular years with him…which taught me a lot…he has since passed,  gone on to the better years which he so deserved before he came to me at 8 yrs old….Bubbles I love you more than you will ever know. I hope you now Rest in Peace…knowing I will always love you…